Friday 23 March 2012

Wargames Illustrated - 294

My copy of WI294 arrived in the post yesterday. The latest issue of Wargames Illustrated is previewed on the Battlefront website but here are my personal highlights from the issue.

For a start I love the cover. You gotta love a Sherman. I think most people would agree with that (and if not, you need to see a shrink!). But if you are not a Battlefront fan you may find this issue off-putting as the main theme is the new release, Blood, Guts and Glory. There are two main articles linked to the theme, both of which I enjoyed because they are tank oriented! Personally I'm not about to rush out to buy this supplement but I did enjoy reading the articles. As always the Magazine is rich with eye candy and ticks all my boxes on that score.

Aside from the obvious FOW content there is also an interesting article on a new WWII Skirmish game designed with 54mm models in mind but can be adapted for 20mm or 25/28mm figures. This is an article written by the games designer so I'll be interested to see what other non-partisan reviews say about this new rule system, but at first glance it looks interesting.

This months issue sees the beginning of a new regular series by the painter Matt Parks. A regular spot for painting tutorials has been one of the things missing from this magazine over the last couple of years and I think its inclusion compliments the already established How to build... series. This first article is aimed at the basics but the scope for this series is huge and I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes over the next few months.


  1. Not sure why they don't just rename it Khaki Dwarf, or Battlefront Monthly.... not read it for years now.... we have different requirements on our magazines though so feel free to ignore me... :o))

  2. Great review again Lee, but I must admit my heart sank when I saw the cover - not because of the Sherman (which I also love), but just knowing it would be a FoW-fest this month. This is no bad thing, it's just that personally prefer a more diverse content. But hey, what do I know anyway (seriously)?

  3. How was the articles about the FOW army lists made by 4 players? Can we have more details and review about the actual content?

    thanks a lot


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