Wednesday, 13 July 2011

IWM Duxford : Flying Legends Airshow 2011

As already mentioned several times I was lucky enough to go to the Flying Legends Airshow at Duxford last weekend. As usual I shot far too many pictures and I have been frantically trying to identify and label all the pictures so I could make them available on this blog. Amazingly I found the time to get it all completed last night (aided by the fact my wife was out at Aqua Aerobics all evening and hence the TV was turned off!). Here are the pick of the photo's cut down to a measly 116 from the over 700 I took!


  1. Those are bloody great, must try and get to this at least once before I kick it.

  2. Great shots Leee. I saw a news film of a plane crash between tow WW2 fighter planes at the show.

  3. Nice photo's and really like the WWI bi-planes!


  4. 700!!! Well the trimmed down 116 are very nice indeed!!


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