Sunday 24 July 2011

Big Picture : War and Peace

Today is the last day of the War and Peace Show. This massive military vehicle display takes place at the Hop Farm in Kent this time each year and lasts for 5 days. Originally I was planning on going to this event on Friday but changed it to Saturday to accompany my Brother-in-law Ray. But my current condition has put paid to that idea as I'd never be able to walk around the site. As a meager consolation here's a picture I took at last years show.

This is a rare Sherman BARV (Beach Armored Recovery Vehicle) owned by the Cadman Brothers. These were specially adapted vehicles designed to wade in deep water to tow damaged tanks and other vehicles ashore for repair. This vehicle actually saw service on the Normandy Beaches.


  1. Fantastic photo, wasn't even aware these things existed :)

  2. That's a bit rough to have to miss the event. Next time.

  3. A rare specimen indeed. I'm a fan of rarities but never bumped into this one. Thanks for posting

  4. It's a good show, sorry the illness screwed you over, nice pic.

  5. My Brother-in-law phoned this afternoon to tell me what a great event it was [git]. He's promised to send me his pictures of all the vehicles at the show and he reckons he picked me up a little present... so I guess I forgive him!

    I definitely couldn't have made it round the show. Although my leg is healing fast I would have set my rehabilitation back a week if I'd walked around on it all day. Much as I regret not being able to go to W&P I need to get better and get back to work before my superiors realize they can do without me!

  6. What a cool vehicle; never seen one of those before!

    I do hope you are fully recovered, soon.



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