Wednesday 20 July 2011

DJK Fantasy Cottage in Action

Just a quick post today due to my current condition and Horizontal Predicament. Here are some pictures from the Dagenham Dungeon Delvers D&D 4e game last Friday. This was the first opportunity our GM had to incorporate one of the excellent models build by other DDD member Derek of DJK's Fantasy World.

An Elven hermit in a lonely cottage greets us on our journey..
The Cruel but inevitable betrayal! The elf is realy a Howling Hag
Battling a Stormrage Shambler
The Evil GM toasts his success a little prematurely.
John, Derek & BigLee (complete with stupid grin) after the battle.


  1. Looks awesome!

  2. I thought the Rejects were ugly but.........

  3. Awww that's cruel... they can't help it.

  4. The cottage is an excellent model. I've been reading DJK's blog posts about the building process, so it's great to see one in action.

  5. LOL!!! Very brave having beer and wine at a game, it could make things very interesting if we did that round Posties. I think the dice would fly and that's not all......

  6. Thats a fun looking game you had.

    And hope you have a speedy recovery!

  7. Very trad D&D. Get well soon.


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