Friday 1 July 2011

Big Game Weekend

I am crossing the Thames and heading onto deepest darkest Kent this weekend. But I don't think I'll need my Pith Helmet and Elephant Gun for what I have planned. Lions, Elephants, Rhinos, even Locusts are safe from me because the kind of violence I have planned is small scale and simulated only.

Tonight the Dagenham Dungeon Delvers will gather at my home for our usual D&D 4e campaign game. We have just completed yet another side quest so I'm hoping we can get back on track and press on with our main mission. I look forward to completing it sometime before I retire. [Newsflash: It now looks like our GM is gonna blow us out and cancel the game due to work commitments. The rest of us may still gather for some other game but at the moment nothing has been arranged or confirmed. Damn!]

Tomorrow the Rejects will be gathering for a bit of Franco-Prussian action. I'm not sure what rules we will be using, but given my dubious tactical track record I doubt if it will make any difference! I have an uncanny knack for snatching defeat from the jaws of defeat (you read it right).

On Sunday I'm hoping to meet up with my Brother-in-Law to discuss the next build project for our respective Flames of War armies. Our core forces are pretty much finished so its just the divisional support platoons that needs to be decided upon. As always I'll be there camera in hand so expect a few photo's next week.


  1. Well, I hope your game will go ahead but thanks to you, I've just learnt what a Pith Helmet is. I didn't they were called like this.They feature heavily in my all time favorite illustrator (Moebius). Lots of colonial characters wearing pith helmets in his work...

  2. Good luck with your unexpected change in venue game.


  3. Good luck with the gaming. Sounds like our group with the last minute cancelations.

  4. You're alright Lee, Ray's not going.

  5. I hope you realize we expect a full report of your gaming activities :) Oh and try and have fun too.

  6. The rules are called "They Died for Glory" and they're a great fun set of rules. Unfortunately like the Oirish said I won't be there :0(


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