Sunday 17 July 2011

Big Picture : Harpy Encounter

This was a picture taken during the D&D Campaign I ran a couple of years ago. I went to great lengths to ensure that every key location had a detailed floor plan and props. Looking back it's clear this was probably far too much effort for a game that is supposed to be more about imagination and roleplaying than models and scenery... but it did look damned good!

Here my players characters encounter a Harpy in a tense encounter.


  1. As a player from your game the extra effort was always appreciated, it looked good, it help the game focus and it was much nicer than tossing fish heads at us. :)

  2. Nice picture!

  3. The set up reminds me of the meeting in LotR to decide who will take the ring to Moooordooor. Nice looking minis..I like the candlestick holders..what make are they??

  4. That harpy looks like the ex-editor of the News of the World.... :o))

  5. The way I look at the picture one of the figure has a forum while the other ones are listening.

    Great painted figures!


  6. I preferred that way of role-play games... I viewed it more as a detail rich skirmish game. I feel rather out of my comfort zone with some RPG groups who are rather more 'wannabe actors with accents..' Looks great, well done.


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