Thursday 1 July 2010

Tankfest 2010 - Pictures

It's taken a few days but I have finally been able to sort through the 770+ pictures I took at Tankfest last weekend. The following slideshow is a selection of my best pictures.

This was a fantastic weekend with a huge amount to see and do. I was lucky enough to attend both days of the show and even then I was hard pressed to see everything in the detail I wanted. This really is a premier event if you have any interest in armoured vehicles and a great place to see some historic examples running and roaring.

One example was the Valentine. I've never seen a running example of this tank before so it was a real treat to see it in the arena.

The museum has a huge variety of tanks on show including one of my personal favorites, the King Tiger.
Also at the show was Rommel's staff car from North Africa. This is privately owned but was brought to Tankfest and put on display with Tiger 131.

The Tiger is currently undergoing renovation so was not running at the show. This was a great pity but hopefully the work being carried out now will ensure this historically significant tank continues to run for many more years to come.


  1. Phenomenal set of photos. Thanks very much for sharing. I particularly liked the mix of photos inside and outside the museum. Awesome.

  2. Great stuff! Looks like a really fun weekend with some great heavy metal!

  3. Great set of photos I think the Panzer IV in desert sand colour is one of my favourites.


  4. Very cool! I've been to airshows but never a tank show. Excellent photos as well. They will come in handy.

  5. Great photo's! Have to say my particular favourites are the one of the Green FV-432 and the M3A1 stuart (mainly because I am the commander of each of these vehicles in your photo's!)

  6. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'm rather pleased with my pictures as well.

    I borrowed a 70-300mm Sigma zoom lens for the event (thanks Brian!) and it made all the difference to the results. In fact I was so impressed with its performance I'm planning on buying my own one!


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