Monday 28 June 2010

Footsore but happy

I'm back from Tankfest at Bovington Tank Museum. It was a fantastic weekend and I took quite a few pictures (700+ !!). Sunday was the hottest day this year in the UK and the dust was being raised as the museums behemoth's roared around the display arena. At one point I found myself just a few feet from a challenger tank as it gunned its engines and entered the arena. I felt all my internal organs vibrating and got a lungful of diesel fumes... fantastic!

Here's a couple of quick pictures from the event. I'll post more once I get a chance to work on them. The first is a Type 59 Tank, a Chinese copy of the Russian T64 T54/55.
And a Sherman 76mm


  1. To be pedantic and save anyone else the trouble of being so; the Chinese Type 59 is a copy of the T54/55 series!

  2. I knew there was a downside to making notes at the same time as taking photo's! Thanks for the head's up. I'll amend my picture lables accordingly.

  3. Changes made... Never be sorry for acts of pedantry. I'd rather be corrected than wrong. The Internet is sea of misinformation and I try my best not to add my small glassfull to it.

    I take a leaf out of the book of another blogger - Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy dot com - by not rewriting history. If I've made an error or mistake (I'm talking about facts and figures, not spelling mistakes) I'll leave it in the post but strike it through and put the correct information next to it. That way readers can see a correction has been made.


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