Monday 7 June 2010

Game Sketch

I've mentioned before that my gaming group (the Dagenham Dungeon Delvers) are a multi-talented lot. The group artist, Dave Stokes has had some artwork featured here before and here's his latest doodle.
He knocked this character sketch up while we played. Its my PC, the Dragonborn Warlord. Uthek Van'tar. Uthek didn't have a good evening, spending a large part of it unconscious and bleeding on the ground while the battle raged around him. Damn Zombies!


  1. Bravo ... the character looks great. I am sure it captures your character's look to a tee ...

    Unfortunately your luck was not with the awesome picture that night .... lol

  2. I love how this is considered a "doodle"! Fantastic work!

  3. Very nice, he looks like a tough nut to crack with all that natural scale armour.


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