Friday 25 June 2010

Tankfest at Bovington Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning, at Oh-God-O'Clock (i.e. very very early) I'll be setting off for Bovington in Dorset and the 2010 Tankfest show. I've been planning this trip since January so needless to say I'm looking forward to it. Unfortunately for me I live at least 4hrs drive from the museum, otherwise I'd be visiting several times a year. I'll be taking pretty much all my camera equipment - plus a borrowed Telephoto lense - so expect to see plenty of pictures on this blog next week. I'll also be bringing my Laptop to get a head start on downloading and catalogueing my pictures. If I can find a wireless hotspot I will try and post some early pictures, but this is Dorset after all and [firmly tounge in cheek] it is next door to the-back-of-beyond... at least it feels like that to a cityboy like me.

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  1. That sounds awesome Lee. I am deeply jealous!! I keep promising myself to get there .... definately next year! Have a great time - can't wait for the photos. Sidney


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