Wednesday 16 June 2010

Working in the Bureau

No, I haven't joined the CIA or whatever the British equivalent is. I've had a little reorganisation of my painting area and taken possession (some might say repossessed) a small Bureau I inherited a few years ago. Its been used as a 'place to put stuff' (code for a junk magnet) since I first got it. I've been trying to reorganise, consolidate and tidy up my stuff and using the Bureau is another step in that direction.

The beauty of this setup is that I can close the lid and everything is hidden from view. Up till now I've either had to leave my painting tray on the dining table all the time or put it away between sessions. I'm very conscious that my 'stuff' has been taking over the house for some years and I need to store my gear more efficiently.

The downside is the workspace is a little smaller than what I had before. However I can spread onto the adjacent table when I need more room and still pack away neatly at the end of a session. In essence its a recognition that I paint in a family area which is a shared space, not my personal workshop. It's not an ideal solution but its a step in the right direction. Now all I have to do is convince the wife to get rid of the Piano (which she never plays) and there will be space for a bigger desk.... One day.


  1. Looking cool!
    I am glad that i have my own room for my hobby.

    PS. Nice new looking Template design.

  2. Cool look. Adds some flavor to the look

  3. Sweet setup. And reminds me that my figures and paints are packed away (the downside of going all-MapTool, with gaming friends spread far and wide).

  4. Looking good. I have something a little similar at present in a rolltop desk. Also connected to a family room, I find the issue is more the aromas that go with the hobby than the mess. Good luck with the piano.

  5. I'm still dreaming of getting a full sized roll-top desk at some point in the future... but the Piano will definately have to go if I'm ever going to fit one in. It's that or waiting till the kids leave home so I can use a room as a study.

  6. No matter how small, it's amazing to have a permanent setup. You even "work" differently with the figures you put together, or prime (to paint maybe next week) and so on.


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