Friday 16 July 2010

Project Overload

I suddenly seem to have an excess of things to do on the modeling/gaming front. In my usual disorganised manor I'm working on several projects at the same time and therefore finishing none of them in a timely fashion. Let me start at the beginning and hopefully by the end I will have decided on some priorities.

First off is my uber-secret project that I started a few weeks ago. It didn't work out the way I wanted so I've gone back to the drawing board and started again. It's also slipped from "uber-secret" through "keep it under your hat" and down to "don't let it all out at once".. so I can tell you some vague details. A friend of mine (Dave stokes of was commissioned to do some concept art for a new range of miniatures last year. These have now been cast and are due for release sometime soon. Dave let me have a couple of pre-release figures to work on and it's one of these that has been giving me grief and taking so long to finish.

Secondly I am trying hard to get a load more Flames of War stuff done ahead of a possible game in a few weeks. I'm about halfway through a Platoon of Panthers, a Panther Command Unit and a King Tiger. The Tiger doesn't actually feature on my Army list but I couldn't resist painting it. Besides it might be fun to pit this beast against a whole troop of Sherman's just to see what happens. I doubt it will be pretty.

I'm also doing some writing for my D&D campaign setting. I've neglected this for much of the year, and although I don't see myself running a 4th Edition game anytime soon, that shouldn't stop me working on the storyline for the third campaign arc. Even if I never play this out I'd like to know where I see things going for my intrepid band of adventurers.

I will make a big push this weekend to finish the Panther Platoon, followed by the Command Tanks and the Tiger. Then I must focus on getting the 'secret project' finished before starting anything new. It good to be busy!

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  1. We all have too much on the hobby plate no ? lol ... Chin up my friend


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