Monday 19 July 2010

Wargames Illustrated 274

The August issue of Wargames Illustrated has just landed on my doorstep and it's time for Blitzkrieg! This issues theme is the release of the source book for Early War games using the Flames of War rules. I've been collecting forces for playing the Normandy campaign but looking at what has just been released I'm tempted (very tempted) to collect a force for 1939. Mind you, it has to be said, that I was also similarly tempted by the North Africa material but I've had to pick a period/theatre of war and stick to it.

Having taken a quick look through the 124 pages of this months WI here are a few of the articles that stood out:

  • Rommel : Rise of the Desert Fox - As the title suggests this article looks at the early battlefield career of the man that was to become the menace of North Africa. 
  • The Battle of Arras 1940 - This article looks at the crucial encounter between the 7th RTR and the 7th Panzer Division as the Germans pushed through Belgium & France.
  • Salute 2010 Painting Competition - I found this article very interesting because I didn't get a good look at the painting competition entries at this years Salute. So many people were crowded around the display cases that I decided to come back and look again later, and then never got the chance. 
  • The Northern War - New Zealand 1845-46 - A very interesting look at the Maori Wars and an often overlooked part of colonial history. 
  • Churubusco 1847 - The US-Mexican war of 1846-8 was the training ground for many later Civil War generals and as such provides an interesting look at the events that shaped the US army running up to that climactic encounter. 
  • The Battle of Marathon - Greece and Persia go head to head in what has been described as "one of the most important battles in European history". 

It's no secret that I enjoy the mix of articles and eye-candy illustrations in WI but for me this is one of the best issues in a long time.

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