Monday 11 April 2016

Soldiers of Rye

While away on holiday I have tried to take the odd opportunity for some hobby related shopping in some small but perfectly formed independent shops. One of the nicest was a very small but exquisite model shop in the East Sussex town of Rye. Soldiers of Rye deals in hand painted military figures, toy soldiers, die-casting aircraft, military books, medals and prints and is run by the very knowledgeable Chris Viner.

I came across this shop while exploring this Cinque Port town on the edge of Romney Marsh just a few miles down the coast from Hastings. The shop itself is probably no more than ten foot square but every wall is filled with glass cases of painted figures, books, medals and prints. I treated myself to an original Tank Corps cap badge and spent a good while chatting to the proprietor about figure collecting and wargaming. A very nice chap and a wonderful little shop that is well worth a visit if you are in the area. 


  1. That's certainly another place to visit on the list. Rye is not that far from us, so I see a sneaky visit in the summer on the cards.

  2. I popped in that shop with Kyle a little while back and also had a good chat. He kindly showed Kyle an original Lee-Enfield.

  3. Found myself in Rye for work today and nipped in after seeing this post - what a find! The chap that runs the place is quite the character, and an amusing storyteller!

    1. Excellent, glad you liked it. The owner is a very interesting chap. A proper old school wargamer and collector.

    2. I stumbled accross this shop a few years ago and it is quite a brilliant little place indeed.


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