Monday 18 April 2016

Sa-Loot 2016

Right time for the obligatory 'Loot' post. I actually bought quite a lot this year, some of it as pre-orders but much of it as I went around.

My bumper shopping bag

From Baccus I bought a Camp Site pack and Greek/Roman civilians. I'll put these together to make a couple of camp dioramas for my TtS! games. I also bought some Italian Hoplites and Italian Cavalry to supplement my existing Republican Roman Army because they look a little outnumbered against my Carthaginian's. Oh and I picked up more bases as I seem to have used most of my existing stock. While I was at the Baccus stand I was tempted and succumbed to buying their Polemos rules. I'm not about to abandon TtS! but I thought it would be useful to read another set of rules for the same period.

Emily explores the Redoubt stall
I also bought the Battlegroup rulebook, again just out of curiosity (money burning a hole in my pocket etc). I was tempted by several 15mm WWII vehicles which is slightly insane considering I have just sold my FOW collection! Oh the madness of wargamers!! I managed to resist and settled just on this rulebook but it was a close call. I didn't resist the temptation to buy more X-Wing models though. I have added an Inquisitors TIE and a TIE Phantom to my existing fleet of ships.

I picked up a load of Scenic materials at bargain prices including some packs of grass and flower tufts from Army Painter. Not sure how I'll use these but at the price I paid I couldn't walk away. These will go in the storage cupboard and probably never get used! The young Padawan and I visited the EM4 stall twice where I picked up some more plastic counters for use as disordered markers. She bought a load of 28mm undead here so I guess we'll be painting Zombies in the near future.

Emily's purchases. 
Now onto the impulse buys! I bought a laser LOS marker because it was calling to me and I couldn't stop myself. Its actually a really cool toy and should stop all arguments about LOS dead in their tracks. I picked up the Zombie Dice game from Tritex Games just for some light fun. We played it today and sure enough its an easy to play laugh and worth the fiver I paid for it. I wasn't going to buy a T-Shirt but in the end I relented and it does look pretty good on (according to the wife).

Emily bought a lot of undead figures, some from EM4 and some from foundry. Like me she hit the bargain bins and found some rather cool resin skull bases to paint up. She bought the latter from money given to her by Postie...I swear that guy has more money than the rest of the Rejects combined. I'm not complaining though because he also slipped me some money for my Birthday and I used that to buy the Polemos rulebook...thanks mate!

As I wrote yesterday in my Photo report of the show I did feel that this years event was quite trader heavy which means there was ample opportunity for the shineybloodyitus to raise its head. As you can see we both have it bad and came home with a serious haul of goodies. 


  1. Nice haul of swag! I can see a few uses or so many of those item.

  2. I realised this morning that I had forgotten to buy some large MDF bases for my Roman & Carthaginian camps. There's always something that slips through the net!

    1. We were suggesting it should be a 2 day show with a single ticket being valid both days so you could go back and collect the things you had missed the first day!!

  3. That are some really nice purchases!


  4. Some nice bits there. By the way, congrats on getting a mention in MWBG for the blog.

    1. Thanks mate. Bit of a surprise and made my day.

  5. Nice haul. Actually shocked me when I saw my own haul. Didn't think I got that much

  6. It is impossible to resist stuff at Salute!


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