Saturday 2 April 2016

A Little Holiday Reading

We are at the end of the first week of our holiday and we have had the usual mix of good and bad weather, days out and restful downtime. I was determined that this year I would make time to catch up on some reading. I'm always buying books that I don't get round to and my unread pile has reached epic proportions. So I selected seven books to take away with me in the hope of reading a couple by the end of the two weeks. 

The Analogue Painting Challenge has meant that the last few months have been very busy and painting focused. This isn't a bad thing, but it did squeeze out time for more leisurely pursuits like reading. Combine that with the fact that my job has been more than a little stressful lately and you have a recipe for a guy that really REALLY needs a holiday. The wife has also had a very busy month and between us all we want to do is flake out and rest...saying that we have still managed to fit in several local museums, shopping and exploration of local towns and lots of swimming and other fun stuff with the Padawan. 

Roll on week two! 


  1. 7 books! No chance, 1 perhaps? Better check your spelling ol boy, swap the i for a u???

    1. Lol yes. Seven is a bit ambitious but I wasn't sure what I wanted to read first so I took the lot.

  2. Internet access has been non existent for the first week while we were in Dorset. Couldn't even get a reliable connection on my phone. We have moved to our second week in Sussex and returned to civilisation and access to the interest!

  3. I fully understand the need to take several books in case 1 does not float your boat. As a slow reader I would have just started one before I went to make sure I liked it and assuming I did find another by the same author.

    But if taking 7 works for you all the more power to you!

  4. The only one I have read is the Cambrai one which is really good!

  5. Quite a variety of topics!!
    You almost need a trailer to carry all those tomes.. I have moved to electronic reading several years ago to take my full library with me on holidays.

    Hammond's Cambrai is excellent and I strongly recommedn reading The German Army at Cambrai by Sheldon to have both side's perspectives.
    I also read Goldsworthy's Carthage during my "ancient period" and is another jewel

  6. A good mix of reading matter. Enjoy week 2 of your break! :)

  7. The last two look especially interesting.

  8. A good choice of books. Not all of them are my cup of tea but anyway enjoy them!


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