Tuesday 22 March 2016

My Analogue Painting Challenge

Now that the Analogue Painting Challenge is over I thought I would do a quick round-up of all my entries...and gathering it all together like this makes me appreciate just how much I got done. My normal painting output over the same period would probably have been about a quarter or less so in that respect the Challenges mission to get us all painting has certainly worked for me. My initial points target was a modest 300 but I quickly reached that and decided to stretch myself to 500 points. I reached that a week before the deadline but not a moment too soon...real life edged in and I wouldn't have had time to paint anything else in the last week even if I had wanted to.

So without further ado (and unnecessary wordage from me) here are my submissions - in no particular order - and what I scored for them 

SAS Raiding Jeeps - 7 Points

Republican Roman Triarii - 48 Points

Roman Generals - 9 Points

Punic Cavalry - 90 Points

Punic Citizen Infantry - 108 Points

2 Carthaginian War Elephants - 6 Points

Carthaginian Veteran Infantry - 21 Points

Italian Breda Autocanon - 6 Points

Carthaginian Generals and Hero's - 13 Points

Balaeric Slingers - 8 Points
Nautical Bonus Round - Landships! British Mk IV tanks - 54 Points

British Cruiser Tanks - 16 Points

Numidian Skirmishers - 16 Points

Italian AS42 Scout Vehicles - 10 Points

Curtgeld and Risk Taker Bonus Round Entry - Rommel - 75 Points

Numidian Light Cavalry - 32 Points

M3A1 Stuart Tanks - 20 Points

German Flak 88 Battery - 20 Points

I picked up a few bonus points along the way which helped but overall I'm rather pleased with my output, especially considering I joined the fight a month late! Now theoretically if I had been part of the Challenge from Dec 20th along with everyone else I could also have counted three more submissions in the challenge - this is stuff I painted between the start of the Challenge and the 16th Jan when I was officially brought in from the cold. These included some Roman Equites (45 points), Balistari (9 points) and four units of Hastati (48 Points) so my actual points output for the duration of the challenge was 651 points! Pretty good for a self proclaimed snails pace painter. 

So given my output has shot through the roof the question is, will I be in next years Challenge...hell yes! I should have signed up from the beginning and I'm determined not to make the same mistake again. One thing I will do though is avoid the Bonus rounds if at all possible. I have thoroughly enjoyed these side challenges but they were a distraction from my main objective of painting figures to game with. And besides the quality of the entries is in a whole other league and I feel like a charlatan throwing in my roughly painted entries. Better to leave the bonus rounds to the professionals. 


  1. Punctuality boy, punctuality! No excuse for lateness! ;)

    It was great that you got to join us again this year - cracking work with the 6mm stuff :)

    1. The question is, what armies do I paint in the next Challenge.

    2. You can paint up a Donnybrook faction!

    3. Ptolemaic Egyptian just so your Carthaginians get more than fighting Romans.
      Or 6mm Mahdi's/British for some Sudan shenanigans.

    4. I definitely need a game plan for next year If I'm going to bet my personal best.

  2. You beat me despite joining later!
    Good work all around, I only wonder if you still have some sight left after painting all these mini-minis

    1. I was flagging by the end. Mind you I have almost run out of stuff to paint (no self respecting wargamer ever clears the lead mountain entirely). I'm off on holiday next week so I have some down time to scheme, plan and plot my next step. But before I hit the paint desk again it may be a good idea to actually play with the figures I have painted!

  3. You did great Lee, concidering you were oainting 99% 6mm figures.

  4. You did great Lee, concidering you were oainting 99% 6mm figures.

  5. 6mm look so good on the table top, it makes it look like a battle and not a few blokes mucking about. You did well mate.

    1. The massed effect does look good at 6mm. And ancients are just so darned colourful...makes a welcome change from WWII North Africa and 50 shaded of khaki!

  6. You added more to the challenge than you may realise. Helped us other 6mm boys keep it flowing so glad you was in this year and looking forward to next years tilt :-)


  7. I'm happy we managed a way to shoehorn you in as it was great having you with us Lee. I really enjoyed all your micro-scale work. I think Peter and I may be doing something 'Romanic' in this scale for 'To the Strongest'. You've provided great inspiration!


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