Thursday 3 March 2016

Carthaginian Veteran Infantry

My 6mm Carthaginian Army has grown again this time with the addition of a Veteran Infantry unit. I wanted these guys to stand out, both in terms of the colours used and the quality of painting, so I made a real effort to get these looking nice. As with the Citizen infantry I painted a few weeks ago I have gone for white shields but have added some hand painted details to enhance them.

This will be the last Carthaginian unit for a while - other than some Generals - as I have some Numidian's to paint next. I also have a bunch of Balearic Slingers ready to go under the brush, so those should be a pleasant diversion from ranks of infantry. I'm also thinking about some more models for my WWII North Africa collection but I haven't decided what to do with these yet.

One veteran unit of 36 infantry should earn me 18 points and (bonus rounds aside) should take me comfortably over my initial target of 300. I have asked Curt to increase my target score to 500 so I had better knuckle down and get a load more painted in these last few weeks!


  1. Very nice troops. I am really enjoying this series of blog posts. The troops are really nice.

    I will be playing To the strongest on Sunday (Indians vs Ptolemaics! not my choice of armies but maybe I will start to get the rules solid in my mind)

  2. That's a proper looking spear line!


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