Friday 11 March 2016

Fiat SPA-AS42 Saharan Trucks

Another return to the desert for my latest submission to the challenge. Unlike the Chevy's used by the LRDG the Italians designed the Fiat SPA-AS42 "Saharan" specifically for the desert. The result was an armoured scout vehicle that was fast and agile with a very low profile making it ideal for taking advantage of every bit of terrain cover.

Five Fiat SPA-AS42

The AS42 was built around the chassis of the AB41 armoured car but with a completely new hull. The large central open cabin allowed plenty of room for a range of weapons to be mounted including the Breda 20mm AA Gun and an assortment of heavy calibre automatic weapons. In theory it could hold a crew of 5 and had a maximum range of 300km (extended to 1500 with extra fuel loaded). More than a match for the trucks of the LRDG.

Designed in mid 1942 it was in service within a few months and proved to be an effective and popular vehicle. Some vehicles even saw service with the Fallschirmjäger-Division Hermann Göring after the Italian Armistice. They continued in use throughout '44 and '45 as reconnaissance vehicles on the Eastern Front, in France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Some feature additional crew
Five vehicles four crew (2 Breda gunners and two standing crewmen) earned me 12 points and one more small step towards my new target of 500.


  1. They look great. The shading at this scale is a must, and you have it down to a science.


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