Saturday 5 March 2016

More Breda 20/65 Autocannon

These Italian Anti-Aircraft trucks are an addition to my North Africa/Desert Raiders project. I painted a small unit of these last year but decided I needed a few more to put in and around the Italian Airfield I have put together. The models are by GHQ and as with all their 6mm (1/285th) scale models the details are crisp, clean and therefore very easy to paint. 

The Breda 20/65 was a fast firing Auto-cannon designed primarily as an Anti-Aircraft weapon. It was developed in 1932 and was soon adopted by the Italian Army and saw use throughout the war although by 1942 it was become a bit redundant in its original role. It was still a pretty good weapon and its lightweight design and general reliability meant that when captured it was often used by the allies in a ground, anti vehicle role. The LRDG in particular liked the 20/65 and mounted it on some of their Chevy Trucks. 

These three 6mm vehicles will earn me six points but more importantly they finish off my Italian airfield defence force that I have put together...that is until I have another brainwave and buy something else! 


  1. Great additions to the desert forces.

  2. lovely work...what font size do you print your labels in??

    1. Normally 12 but sometimes 10 or 11 if the description is longer and doesn't fit.

    2. Thanks Lee, Do you have a template created in excel or something or another format?


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