Thursday 4 February 2016

Roman Generals

This was my second submission to the Analogue Painting Challenge earlier this week, albeit a small entry. I have finished all of my Romans (for the time being) and the only thing lacking was someone to lead them. I managed to find some MDF tokens that could be re-purposed as bases and I think they are just right for these mounted generals.  

The generals are based in two's but for the Senior General I have based him with two sub-commanders so he stands out. And now that I have painted these they should lead some troops, so here they are at the head of the army. 

Nine mounted figures are a small submission but it does mean I have finished my Romans for the time being. Next on the table are some Carthaginian's...lots and lots and lots of Carthaginian's. 


  1. These look spot on. The colors and shading are just right. Round stands for officers just seem right.

  2. I am continually impressed with your 6mm figutrs


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