Thursday 11 February 2016

6mm Punic Libyan Cavalry

I just about finished these Punic Cavalry in time for submission to the Analogue Painting Challenge this week, thanks to a long session on Sunday and the tolerance of a very understanding wife! Baccus list these as Libyan Cavalry but in the TtS! army list they fall under the broader description of Punic Cavalry which seems to put horsemen from various Carthaginian territories under a single banner. Later on I will try to find some of the famed Numidian Light Cavalry but for now they are alluding me in the catalog (Thanks to Vladd309 of the blog Too Much free Time for pointing me in the right direction, my order for these is now on its way to Baccus). I'm also working on several units of infantry but the cavalry muse was with me so these got finished first. 

Punic (Libyan) Cavalry from Baccus
Tamsin very generously awarded me some bonus points for the hand painted shields so these earned me a very nice 90 points! I'm well chuffed with that. This puts me on 170 points and (as of typing this) 50th place in the rankings, which is my best position thus far in the Challenge. 

Showing of the shields
These will make for a strong cavalry contingent to my Carthaginian army

I have mixed feelings about how these turned out. I like the colourful shields and the waterproof pen I use for the shield designs is once again proving its value and utility. The pen writes best straight onto the acrylic paint but needs to be sealed with a spray varnish to avoid smudges (don't use a brush varnish as it can make the ink run). I'm less happy with how the white leather armour turned out. The ink wash I applied has made the armour look a bit muddy for my liking and I wish I had taken time to reapply the white highlights again after the wash. Still, its a lesson learned and a mistake I won't make again.

Showing both the front and rear view.
So I have just about made managed to get my first Carthaginian's into the Challenge but they most definitely won't be my last. 

In one long line they look pretty formidable!


  1. All those hand-painted shields in 6mm - awesome!

  2. Another very impressive unit!

  3. Very nice Lee, but did you say your highlighting 6mm?? You're a mad man!

    1. Its easy to slip into a precise, almost technical methodology when painting 6mm... it becomes a little obsessive after a while!

  4. Great work, Lee! That's a lot of cavalry. Some Gallic and Spanish horse would be good, too, as well as the Numidians.


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