Monday 8 February 2016

Heroes of Arnhem

On Saturday I had the privilege of spending a morning with some very brave, very humble men. All were veterans of the Normandy campaign and several had also served in North Africa, Sicily and Italy however the focus of this event were two former members of the 1st Airbourne Division, who too part in Operation Market Garden and the abortive attempt to take the Arnhem bridge. All the Veterans were there to support the launch of my Brother-in-laws new book and all proceeds raised from sale of the books and from collection buckets went to The Spirit of Normandy Association and the Southend branch of the Normandy Veterans Association.

Raymond P. Newlyn with his latest book "The Airborne Club"

Two of the Veterans featured in the book; (L) David Whiteman and (R) Alec Hall both formerly of 181 Airlanding Field Ambulance, 1st Airborne Division and veterans of Arnhem 1944.
The Airborne Club, by Raymond P. Newlyn

Ray is hoping to have the book available to purchase on Amazon in the near future. When quizzed he admited that his third book is almost finished but he is keeping its subject under wraps for the time being. 


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