Thursday 19 June 2014

Resin Terrain

Back in February I bought some very cheep but excellently made resin escarpment terrain pieces while I was at the Cavalier Show in Kent. I don't think they were designed with 6mm wargaming in mind but they are ideal for this scale in my opinion. These little 'lumps and bumps' add a bit of much needed cover on what would otherwise be a flat and exposed desert battlefield. The resin is strong with no apparent bubbles or other imperfections and - after the customary detergent wash to clean them - holds paint well.  

Resin Terrain by Tiger Terrain

The items are by Tiger Terrain which was around a few years ago before going into temporary hiatus. The company appears to be making a comeback although they don't have a website just yet but you can get a pdf catalogue from Stephan Frampton (the proprietor) by emailing tigerterrain@gmail dot com. These simple terrain items were a pleasure to paint and look excellent, I'll certainly be keeping an eye open for more from them in future.

UPDATE: I forgot to explain the colour scheme I used on these.... I primed these using a newly acquired can of Spray Primer (Bolt Action: British Uniform Brown) by Warlord Games. This is the first time I have used one of these coloured primers and I am very impressed. I then drybrushed the surfaces with Vallejo Tan Yellow (912), Iraqi Sand (819) and Ivory (918) and added a few MiniNatur/Silflor Late Autumn grass tufts to match my normal basing scheme. 


  1. Probably not the most challenging thing you will ever paint but you have done a good job on them. They should break up the bleak desert terrain of Posties Board very nicely.

  2. They were pretty easy to paint... actually I have just realised I never explained the colour scheme I used on these. I'll update my post with the details now....

  3. Well they certainly look the part, I must investigate these primers though.

    1. I typically use Vallejo paints on all my miniatures and I use English Uniform on all my models and bases as a primer. This spray by Warlord Games closely matches the colour of the vallejo paint so I thought I'd give it a try. Being a spray it went on much quicker than by hand (obviously) and I was really pleased to see that it applied very evenly to the surface. The finish is nicely opaque giving excellent coverage without requiring a second coat. The paint itself isn't too thick so it settles into all the detail of the models really well, producing a result that is certainly as good as any hand brushed application. 10/10 and certainly a product I will buy again.

  4. they look like great pieces for a North Africa table.


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