Wednesday 4 June 2014

Meet the Rejects at Broadside

Posties Rejects will be running a small game at this years Broadside wargames show in Sittingborne on Sunday. Due to space restrictions the table we have to play on is a lot smaller than we have had in the past. Postie has therefore opted to run a 15mm Russo-Japanese game. This isn't a period I have ever seen on a demo table so hopefully our choice will spark some interest.

To shamelessly quote from Wikipedia (because this isn't a period I am particularly conversant with):
"The Russo-Japanese War (8 February 1904 – 5 September 1905) was "the first great war of the 20th century." It grew out of rival imperial ambitions of the Russian Empire and the Empire of Japan over Manchuria and Korea. The major theatres of operations were Southern Manchuria, specifically the area around the Liaodong Peninsula and Mukden; and the seas around Korea, Japan, and the Yellow Sea."
I guess I have a lot of reading to do before Sunday!

The Battle of Tawan was a Russo-Japanese game we played last year and its not a period we often see on demo tables. 
The Rejects at last years Broadside. What a handsome bunch!

If you are at the show please pop over and have a chat. According the floor plan we are on table G3 opposite the Wargames Emporium stand. Most of us don't bite and we all like a good chin-wag and belly laugh (guaranteed we'll be the noisiest group in the hall!) so don't be shy.


  1. Why aren't John, Surgit and Smiffy in team reject shirts? Why is Fran usually at the back in group fotos? And why can you not see Ray's right arm and has that something to do with the smile on Posties face?

    See you Sunday mate.

    1. So many questions....
      a) No idea, maybe they are fashion victims.
      b) His shady past neccessitates a clear exit strategy at all times.
      c) It's Posties wandering hands you really have to worry about.

      Looking forward to the show.

    2. (b) Very true.
      (c) Very true.

  2. That's very public spirited of you Lee, posting a pic of the Rejects, but aren't you worried that it might scare people off attending Broadside? *cheeky grin*

    I'll see you on Sunday unless somethigng goes disastrously wrong.

  3. Sounds great, have a good time there!


  4. The second picture kinda looks like the promo poster for the George Clooney remake of "Oceans 11". Well it does if you squint a little bit - ok maybe a lot...

  5. the Russo-Japanese War looks really interesting. (Oh, help me! Not ANOTHER period of gaming!)


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