Monday 3 December 2012

Western Desert Panzer IV F²'s

More 1:300th scale tanks are rolling off the production line, this time two under strength German Panzer IV F² platoons. These are from the collection I recently bought and as you can see there are some small differences between the models. They were all identified as Panzer IV F²'s so I can only assume they are from different manufacturers. The differences are not too startling but do stand out when sitting side by side , so I have split them into two small platoons.


  1. So it's fair to say you have the painting bug back with these chaps. Still very impressed with the baseing and looking forward to seeing some action in the future


  2. Nice work Lee, the only difference I can see is the size of the turret opening, but I really had to look for it, so I wouldn't worry about the difference at all. keep it up, we'll have a game before Christmas!!!

  3. Very good work on this tiny steel beasts, Lee


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