Monday 17 December 2012

The end of the World is Nigh!

The end of the World is Nigh! ...or not. As predicted the 2012 Mayan Cataclysm end of the world nonsense has started to dominate the headlines. According to the conspiracy theorists the world will come to an end on the 21st December 2012, just in time for Christmas! Apparently the Mayans new all about the cataclysm that would destroy the Earth but hadn't yet invented the phrase "The end of the world is nigh". So instead of just leaving a big inscription warning humanity, they invented an elaborate calendar that would count down to the end of the world. Only they didn't. 

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Rest easy folks, the Mayan calendar does not end on December 21, 2012. If you don't believe me check out these links herehere and hereThis date is the end of a Mayan long-count period (a period thousands of years long) which will be followed by another long-count period just as one year is immediately followed by the next year.

One doomsday theory I heard recently has actually been around for a long time, but its still a load of pseudo-scientific nonsense. This states that a supposed rogue planet by the name of Nibiru is headed toward Earth. While this would make a good plot of a sci-fi movie (such as the classic When Worlds Collide) the rest is all just made up rubbish. 

What I do know is that if the world does end on Friday I'll be bloody annoyed because that's when I start my Christmas Holiday!

Just for a laugh check out the Daily Mash and their article entitled Mayans 'full of shit' say experts from within lead-lined bunker. To quote Doctor Brubaker;
"Such is our indifference to the 13th b’ak’tun and the rogue planet Nibiru that we’re hosting a big ‘un-Apocalypse’ party for the scientific community, world leaders and genetically superior individuals ...In a bunker.”


  1. I'll be at work, so what the heck!!!

  2. I'll be at the works Christmas lunch/drinkathon so it won't matter whether I embarass myself horribly.

  3. Why even bother to go to work. There will be no one to fire me.
    But then what if there won't be an apocalypse... Choices choices.

  4. Damm...and I´ve just last week sold everything and arranged a huge party on the 21st...

  5. The whole 2012 thing is bogus. Many people made predictions that the earth would cease to be in 1000, 1666, 1999, 2000 and now 2010. But these are arbitrary dates created by ourselves against a timeline we also created ourselves. The Mayan calendar issue is this - we've reached the end of an arbitrary and man-made cycle - in equivalent New Years Day in Aztec land. It's just taken 45'000 years to get there. Anyone who thinks that just because we've reached a point on a calendar that has a nice round number or the end of a completely made up calendar that the world will end needs their head examined. The earth will continue to be for the next 4 billion years unless someone truly catastrophic happens. Mankind may or may not be there (after all, the dinosaurs were around for a lot longer than we have been and they're not around now). But the earth will be until such time as the sun begins to cool and expand. I.e. 4 billion years.

    The Mayans can therefore do one.

  6. You don't know that Phil. Maybe each of those predictions was right, and the world was going to end. Perhaps each apocalypse was averted by an ill-matched, but scrappy band of individuals with varying skills who came together at the last moment and learned to work as a team.

    As for this year, well NASA pulled all the shuttles out of operation, without a viable replacement in operation. Seems a little crazy, doesn't it, relying on the Russians for space access? Sure, the shuttles were "retired" to various museums, but who could really tell if Atlantis, Discovery & Endeavour were non-operable mockups like Explorer? Maybe those three shuttles were launched on a desperate mission to destroy or divert Nibiru.

    You don't know...

  7. Our only salvation is a dysfunctional barely-sane pilot, a cigar munching actor, a chap from Battlestar Galactica and a huge angry black man wearing lots of gold chains...all locked in a garage with various tools and scrap...lets's call them the 'A-Squad' or 'B-Team' or some such...that'll sort 'em! :-D

  8. I think we have enough doom with the current economic crisis. In fact I wonder if our politicians in Europe and the States are the real "Mayans", doing anything possible to destroy the western world

  9. Well there is a relief as I've just prepped masses of troops!

  10. I guess it all depends on your perspective; ongoing military/civil unrest in the Middle-East... volcanic unrest here in NZ..., psychos abound in the US gunning down innocents indiscriminately... freak weather patterns - hurricanes and cyclones causing chaos... what more proof do you need? ;-)

    1. Isn't that just any day of the week?


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