Monday 3 September 2012

Toy Soldiers - Colour Party of the Scots Guards

Continuing the occasional series of pictures of Toy Soldiers.

When most lay people think about Toy Soldiers I expect they imagine painted lead figures of Guardsmen. Obviously the range of figures available is limited only by the conflicts and uniforms from history but these figures fit the bill of "lead figures of Guardsmen". These are Scots Guards by William Britons Ltd and date from the inter-war period (c1933). These are on display at the National Army Museum and are in very fine condition. 

Colour Party of the Scots Guards by William Britons Ltd c1933

The Guards are one of those subjects that William Britons have returned to time and again over the years. In fact I was looking at some of the latest versions - featuring the modern SA80 Rifle - in Modelzone at the weekend. 

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