Friday 28 September 2012

Let the paint flow and the dice roll

The Dagenham Dungeon Delvers were supposed to gather tonight but yet again we have had to cancel due to lack of numbers. This sucks and I'm not a happy bunny at all. We have all blown out games this year for one good reason or another but so far this summer we have only managed two game nights, and neither of those were to play our ongoing DandD 4E Campaign. It's life, it's nobody's fault but we all have to make more of an effort, starting with me. Enough is enough and tts time to get back to the important stuff in life. So over the next few weeks I'm going to redress the balance in the three areas of my hobby that have suffered recently; RPG's, Wargaming & Painting.

Just don't roll a 1
First off on the RPG front I need to put something together for those weeks when we can't play our regular campaign. So I'm going to make a special effort to prepare and run a Hollow Earth Expedition game for the DDD's. I'm aiming for a pure Role-playing game (ie no miniatures) that can be thrown into action quickly with a simple but hopefully exciting plot-line. I have some ideas but I need to re-read the rulebook to figure out how to do it. Obviously this isn't going to come together overnight but I'm setting myself a target to be ready to run my first game by the end of October.

In the meantime The Rejects are gathering in a weeks time for a WWI wargame and then the following week some of us will be going to SELWG. If you see us there please come over and say hello. I'll be snapping away happily most of the day and I have a short but growing shopping list for the traders. I'm also planning on selling some more stuff on the Bring and Buy stall again this year. I'm not selling as much as I did last year but any profit will be ploughed back into my hobby so every penny counts.

Finally I have re-started painting my last Panzergrenadier Platoon. These figures were cleaned, based and under-coated months ago and have stared accusingly at me from my desk ever since. My list of excuses for not getting started on painting the little blighter's is as long as my arm but basically 'getting started' has always been a problem with me. Once I get the paint flowing projects usually develop and take shape quickly.


  1. Seems lie a plan there Lee. I wish you luck sticking to it (I never manage!)

  2. I love that pic - I'm nicking that!

    Its a T shirt that needs to be made.

    And talking about real role playing I remember Dragon Magazine (remember that?!) having a D&D roleplaying competition based on paladin's trying to escape the clutches of some orcs / goblins.

    The winner (a young lady) won as she played her character to the hilt and insisted on staying back to hold back the hordes of pursuing goblins as the rest made their getaway. She 'died' in the fracas but the DM rightly ruled that she won for playing the character so well.

    1. I remember that module too Phil, but I'm pretty sure it appeared in Imagine magazine in the UK. Perhaps it featured in both?

  3. By all me re-use all you like...I'd love to see it on a t-shirt! I used a great little website called keepcalm-o-matic to make that design.

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  5. It's always bad news when a game night is cancelled. Perhaps it's burn-out setting in? Might be worthwhile playing a published three-or-four session one-off game with a different DM and different system. That usually sorts our group out when burn-out begins to take it's toll. It'd also buy you a few weeks to get you're own campaign setting worked out.

  6. Argh, SELWG is on the long-haired master's birthday. Much wrath would be incurred if I even tried that one. I could do with going tot a good show, too

  7. Real Life sucks sometimes. Hope you get things sorted soon. I am at last playing enough games that it does not seem all paint and no action


  8. T'is a great pic, and how apt for us too!!

  9. Good ideas to get back into it. Good luck.


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