Tuesday 15 November 2011

Tinkering with the Code

I've been making a few small changes to BLMA to tidy it up. Nothing drastic just cosmetic in the form of a couple of new Page options in the header above. These include:
  • My recent article on Lead Rot. It's a subject that has come up so many times I decided it deserved a page of its own. 
  • There are also two new pages for each of my gaming groups, The Dagenham Dungeon Delvers and Posties Rejects. I'm constantly referring to these so decided they needed a page each. 
  • I have also created a Contact Me page and moved the links to my Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts to here and added a few more options for keeping in touch. This will keep the sidebar uncluttered and hopefully aid navigation to, from and within the site.
I have a couple of ideas for more pages but any ideas or feedback is always useful. 

In case you're wondering I've not been completely neglecting my painting projects while working on these changes. In the next day or two I should post some pictures of a newly painted unit for my Flames of War forces which I've been working on in parallel with the US Airborne Company. I have also been working on a scenario for an upcoming HEX game, but more on that when I have something more substantial to report.


  1. Good to hear mate, there's nothing wrong with a bit of male blogger housekeeping.

  2. thank's for the share my friend

  3. An autumn clean up! Nice work Lee!


  4. Dusting and polishing with a little bit of hoovering!!!


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