Sunday 13 November 2011

Big Picture : Rubber Swords

Big Picture has been absent from BLMA for a while, mainly because I was finding it hard to dig out unique pictures that hadn't already had a showing here. This picture was taken at the 2004 Dragonmeet show in London (this years event is on the 26th November). Here you can see three members of the Delvers investigating the LARP weapons stall.

The guy in the center is Andy, an actor and Fight Director. He bought a load of weapons from this stall for use exclusively as training aids for the various stage fighting classes he runs. Needless to say a rubber sword is a much safer option in the hands of a novice so these suited his purposes.


  1. Oh those were the days... I remember that very well. Andy bought the weapons quite early on and we all had to take turns lugging them round. He keeps threatening to return for more.

  2. I just remember the face of the guy running the stall... they probably expected to sell half a dozen weapons during the course of the day. Then Andy goes and buys about 40 swords and pulls out an obscenely large wad of cash. That guy must have thought all his Christmases had come at once!

  3. My sons and I bought foam swords at a convention several years ago.The very first thing we did after returning home was break a light fixture during a sword fight.

  4. Andy has a full range of real weapons at home. I once stayed at his flat and it felt like I was sleeping in the Royal Armoury. But the foam weapons seen here are tough but not dangerous - except to light fittings and Ming vases.


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