Saturday 19 November 2011

D&D Night - Walk in the Woods

Last night the Delvers met up for our semi-regular D&D night. This will be our third game in a row without cancellation so we are all a little shell shocked! John was able to make it to the game, his latest Play having recently finished. Derek was there as always plus the Evil GM and his mini-me (his Son, Lewis).

Delvers new and old gather for the game
Making camp in a clearing

Trekking through the Forest of Valric 

The Wizard lays down a fog back to hide us from a Gnoll patrol
Waiting to see what comes out of the fog

The subsequent battle was fast paced but one sided and ended with dead Gnolls scattered across the forest. This concluded the evening and as usual the GM ended by giving out Experience Points resulting in our characters Leveling up! Its taken a looooong time to reach 9th Level, lets hope it was worth the wait.

I had to include this last picture. This is Fish. He's 20 years old, deaf as a post and only has one eye. His hobbies include sleeping and singing in the middle of the night. He haz the remote.

LOLcat says "I Haz Remote"


  1. SO that's what it looked like on the other side of the fog bank.

  2. Good ole DnD, was always a bit of a blast, must get back to my DnD project

  3. I like the look of the Two Towers (blue and brown)in the first pic. Do they add any bonuses in the game, I'm sure they both should!!


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