Sunday 20 November 2011

Big Picture : Ancient Propaganda

This mural is a supposedly accurate recreation of a piece of ancient propaganda. It depicts Ramesses II defeating the Hittites and variations on this image can be found in locations all across ancient Egypt.

I took this picture in a tourist attraction called the Pharonic Village in Cairo in 1992.


  1. I can't believe it. I was there too in the village, in 1992, in May.

  2. Propaganda? You mean you don't trust Pharoh's spin doctors?

  3. Isn´t that the pic of the basttle where it´s decribed how many heads and equipment of his enemies they took home as booty?

  4. what´s a basttle ? I hear everyone ask :-D

  5. Anibal - My wife and I were there on our Honeymoon - in mid August - God it was hot! But not as hot as our trip to the Valley of the Kings a few days later. I've never encountered heat like it before or since. Mad dogs an Englishmen eh.


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