Wednesday 8 December 2010

December Poll - Wish Lists

With just two shopping weeks left before Christmas I thought I'd pose a seasonal question for my readers. Do you provide your loved ones with a Wish List to 'help' them pick the right present for you? Lets face it, our hobby can be a little bit intractable to the uninitiated and the chances of receiving something you want or need can be pitifully small. Or maybe the whole idea of making a list just seems a little too presumptuous and maybe even a little bit rude.

I tend to make up a list of items I need/want towards the end of the year. This helps me prioritise what I actually need and also gives me a chance to shop around for the best price. I then show the list to my wife a few weeks before Christmas in the sure and certain knowledge that most of my family (like everyone else at this time of year) hasn't got a clue what to buy me and will ask her "what does Lee want for Christmas". It's a cunning - albeit unsubtle - plan.

The other benefit of a list is that I use it as a shopping list for the January Sales. I tend to be put on an enforced purchasing embargo in the run-up to Christmas "...just in case someone has bought it for you". Anything I need, but now can't buy, goes on the list and if I don't get it as a present I treat myself to it in the sales. Its a bit of a win-win situation, which is rare these days. The only problem is that like most gamers my wish list is often very long indeed.

Another tactic, agreed with Mrs BigLee is that we buy our own presents and swap them over to be wrapped. OK there's no surprise on Christmas morning but this way we get exactly what we wanted at the price we wanted. No ill fitting sweaters or packs of socks for me! So what's your approach to the 'festive season'? Do you make a list or not, or maybe you buy it so they can wrap it. I'd be interested to know what you do so please vote in the poll (on the right at the top of the side banner) and leave your comments here.


  1. We don't give each other presents at Christmas.

  2. I do a list of what I want, buy it and when people ask me what I want I hand an item to them and get reimbursed.It works(usually).

  3. I want a PS3, the same thing I've wanted for the last 3 years, it may happen this year, I've sent my letter to Santa, so he better come up with the goods this year or there'll be trouble!!! Bad Santa!!!

  4. I am chased for a list from the end of October normally. Given I have just had my birthday finding another round is often hard and not very inspiring...

    Still this does not stop the silly 'saw this and thought of you' trash that often lands on my desk!

    The most hated was a singing and dancing Turkey - arrrrrggghhhh This epitomised the things I hate the most at Christmas:

    1) Waste of money
    2) Cheap and nasty construction & over priced in one go
    3) Lousy sound
    4) Even worse movement

    I try with a list but people still buy a little extra - I try to explain its the thought not the cost that counts. We are lucky in that we have most of what we want and its the fun of family and food that adds to Christmas rather than the presents.

    I often go for the shock tactics of buying everyone a present from Oxfam - and over the years these have included such wonders as education, toilets, clean water, plants, cows and fishing equipment but so far no one in the close family has taken the hint but one of our friends uses this now :-)

    Not to worry its only one day out of the year...

  5. Sue (my Wife) will usually surprise me with a special model making item, model or book.

    While for Sue - it's make-up and underwear! Not very original I know, but is seams to work in this case


  6. Back in the day I used to do a very specific list for the family, knowing that I only had a fighting chance of getting a book or two. My ma saw buying 'toys' for a grown up as morally wrong, but would happily get me an unwanted hideous ornament instead if it featured a dragon or wizard.

    Ex wife used to go into my local gaming shop and simply ask what I wanted - seemed to work a treat.

    Not done xmas in the last three years, and I'm not sure how the new GF will approach the problem, she's had a list, but you can't really fill it with obscure, geeky models and books when they haven't a clue about the stuff; too dangerous a strategy.

    The last few years I'd tried to minimise damage by telling people not to spend a lot on me. Xmas should not be about monetary value, and really I'd rather get a book token than another foot tall Merlin incense Burner (which I left in a house when I moved out, thanks ma!)

    I can afford to buy it myself and it's much easier that way.

  7. I make a list each year around the end of November (my wife, kids and I all do). I am fortunate, because my birthday is three weeks before Christmas, so it should double my chances to get exactly what I want. I got two things I wanted for my birthday, but no Flames of War stuff. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful, but my list didn't make much impact this year. I'm holding out for Christmas, and agree with you about sales after the holiday season.

  8. I have tried telling folks that I can supply em with a list at any time. They have never taken me up on the offer, but.... I do get vouchers for my local hobby shop usually. Yaaay! :)

    But I like the having a nice sit at the table dinner, drinks and the family as a higher priority over presents.


  9. For the record here's the results of the poll (now that I'm removing it from the sidebar).

    Yes - I live in hope 25 (67%)
    No - How rude! 10 (27%)
    DIY - I buy it, they wrap it 3 (8%)

    Votes Cast: 37


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