Wednesday 8 September 2010

Trigger Happy

The Duxford Battle of Britain Air Show took place on Saturday and Sunday and I was lucky enough to attend on the Saturday. The weather was dry and fine although it did cloud over a little in the afternoon but not enough to prevent the planes flying. I shot just under 600 pictures in one day and as my Brother-in-law put it I "got a little trigger happy!". Anyway here's a couple of preliminary pictures from the Air Show and the rest will follow once I've had a chance to sort through them.

Here's a shot of Sixteen Spitfires in formation over the airfield. This was a rare privilege indeed and sent shivers down my spine. 
Their were also several re-enactors in period WWII uniform and I was able to get a couple of evocative shots with the spitfires in the background.

I'll try and get through all my pictures in the next day or so and post a slide-show of this excellent event as soon as I can. 

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