Monday 26 October 2009

Will Game for Food

Obviously this is a UK oriented list... just substitute a suitable local alternative if you're an overseas reader.
  1. Nachos/Corn Chips - If it doesn't crunch loudly during the GM's important monologue then it isn't working.
  2. Beer (if you're not driving) is guaranteed to make the game interesting. Uninhibited players are soooo interesting.
  3. Cola or other soft drink for the designated driver... meaning me most of the time.
  4. Pringles - Cheese & Chive or Paprika. Don't know why but I just associate these with a game. And the lids make great mixing trays for paints.
  5. Pretzels - High salt content they ensure a steady flow of Beer/Cola and trips to the toilet at various crucial moments in the game.
  6. Pizza - Don't mention the anchovies... no seriously.
  7. Coffee - To keep the GM Sharp. He needs to be to able to handle the outrageous behaviour of those that have over-consumed item 2
  8. Chocolate - The Players need the energy boost after the 4th hour of gaming. Especialy when game night is at the end of a long working week.
  9. Chips or French Fries - Saturated fat and gaming go hand in hand. I'm sure it's in the rules somewhere.
  10. Kebab... well we are Brits after all.

OK maybe this isn't a list to every ones taste (no pun intended), but this certainly seems to sum up the eating habits of my group. Surprisingly none of us have had a heart attack yet.

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