Friday 30 October 2009

Save vs Nostalgic Overload

I follow a lot of blogs but one of my favorites is by Wil Wheaton. Some of you will know Wil as Wesley Crusher from Startrek Next Generation (TNG) or earlier still as Gordie LaChance in the film Stand by Me. Wil is also a prolific and very talented writer and his blog Wil Wheaton Dot Net is a regular part of my week. Most D&D players will also know that he is a committed player of our beloved game.

Yesterday Wil posted a geat article about his recent re-reading of the rulebooks from the Basic D&D set (the Red Box) and B.2 Keep on the Borderlands.

"As I pored over these three books, pausing frequently to feel the comforting warmth of a nostalgic childhood memory wrap around me, I remembered why I fell in love with D&D and then AD&D when I was growing up: when you get down to their fundamentals, D&D and AD&D provide a framework for imaginative, collaborative storytelling."

Just reading his words gave me a warm fuzzy feeling and made me want to rush home, dig out my Red Box and read the rulebooks again. Check out Wil's Blog, I think you'll enjoy it.

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