Sunday 27 September 2020

Last Orders

This week The Quarantined Wargamer considers what our last orders should be. When the inevitable happens, will our collections be gifted to friends and family? Will it be sold, and the proceeds donated to a club or charity? Or will it end up in the bin? The answer to that question is in our hands.

This is something I suspect many of us give no thought to whatsoever, but maybe we should. I'd love to know what you think so please leave your thoughts in the comments below, or over on my YouTube Channel. As always I'd ask if you enjoyed the video please consider hitting the 'Like' button and subscribing to my channel. 

Until next week... keep rolling high! 


  1. I will be beyond caring ! my son will get my Wargaming collection (miniatures, boardgames, books, paints etc) but whether he will keep, sell or dump (or a combo) is another matter and entirely up to him at the time.

  2. Agreed. I see the wargaming stuff as my pleasure to enjoy now and it matters not when I am gone. It is a mindset thing really, we have this stuff that we think or expect should have a residual value, yet the guy going to football matches of playing golf can spend a ton a week and that immediately becomes dead money once the pleasure is consumed. Coffee drinking at venues and be comparably compared to buying a decent book every week or so. One goes down the pan and the other we worry about value and the question of even whether to buy or not!

  3. Hi Lee - a really thought provoking video. I completely agree about having a will, what ever age you are. In my twenties I had a friend, similar age, who was tragically killed in a traffic accident. He didn’t have much to leave but we, his friends, know that what happened to his estate was not as he would have wished. We all made our wills after that, but I have never considered my toy soldiers as part of my estate until now. I have also recently ‘inherited’ a small collection of figures from my father-in-law who passed away. My mother-in-law just wants “someone to enjoy them”. Linking in with your thoughts about helping the hobby grow, I wonder if there could be some way to donate collections to gamers starting out? All food for thought. Thanks for a video that has really made me think about a number of things 👍


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