Wednesday 10 June 2020

Re-basing Panzergrenadier's for CoC

Following on from the rebasing of my old Flames of War 15mm US Infantry for Chain of Command here are some Panzergrenadiers. These are meant to be Panzer Lehr Division infantry and I have several Half Tracks to accompany them that I need to do a little work on. I'll show off the support equipment, for both sides, in another post when I have finished retouching the paint and repairing broken MG's etc. 

The Panzergrenadier Platoon on my homemade unit card consists of a Leader (in this case a Leutnant) with a Pazerschreck Team. Then three identical squads each consisting of an Obergefreiter, two MG Teams and five riflemen. Each squad also has two Panzerfausts, making this a very small but deadly platoon. 

The Leutnant and accompanying Panzerschreck Team. 

Two of the three MG Squads lead by their Obergefreiter. 

Behind the Platoon is the 'spare' infantry I have ready. These will be used in either support squads or other Platoons entirely. I'll be adding in some specialist troops like snipers, medics, engineers etc for both these and the US to increase the support options available. 

I have recently bought some more US infantry figures but I'm waiting for these to arrive so next on the painting desk will be some homemade Jump-Off points built largely from items in my bits-box. All those little spare items of stowage that often come in vehicle or infantry blister packs are finally being used. Hopefully I'll have these ready for next week. 


  1. Replies
    1. It took longer than I thought it would, but it's been strangely enjoyable!

  2. Very nice, and rebasing certainly is a quick way to get some use out of your old figures.

    Who manufactured the figures?

    1. These are all Battlefront figures. They are metal, predating the shift towards plastics. I have got some metal figures from Peter Pig some I'll start on them soon.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks. Feels good to give these figures a new lease of life.


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