Sunday 7 June 2020

Planning & Targets

There is a reason why you get deadlines and targets when you're at work... because it gives you a point to focus on. It gives you an excuse to put other things aside to focus on a particular piece of work. It also helps you to focus on what's important...or at least, what is important to your boss. So how can this mysterious power be brought into a gaming environment where we are not going to be fired if we don't achieve a particular target?

The latest episode of the Quarantined Wargamer discusses this topic and as always your feedback is most welcome. 

Am I on the right track?... or am I just crackers? As usual, please drop me a line below (or over on my YouTube Channel) and tell me how you plan and organise your hobby workload. 


  1. The only way that I can maintain focus is when I need to get something painted for a game, otherwise I simply lack the drive and focus during Spring and Summer to do much painting etc. Maybe this is due to working for 33 years in the design industry as a modelmaker, so often the last thing I wanted to do was paint when I got home, as it was too similar to my day job.

  2. I like having targets - I normally set those out in a blog post at the turn of the year.
    I am not a great planner at work and hardly planat all when it comes to the hobby.
    At the end of the day I relax by doing what I want to do when I want to do it. Having targets to work to helps keep some focus. If I planned evrything I would then just get frustrated when I didn't hit my plan.
    I think it is all a matter of individuals's personality. We all enjoy our hobby time a bit differently


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