Wednesday 17 June 2020

Jump Off Points for Chain of Command

I've been working away on several projects over the last week but the only thing I have completed is a set of homemade Jump off points for Chain of Command. These were constructed from some of the bits leftover from various kits over the years. I never throw away any stowage items that don't get used so I have a bit of a collection and at last I have a use for them. 

I need to make a few more but I have run out of the right size barrels. I have some plastic ones that are a little bit large, but the size difference probably won't even be noticeable if I don't put them alongside the correct ones. I have also been painting up some Peter Pig US infantry but these are still undergoing the varnish stage so they won't be finished until later in the week. 


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    1. Thanks. Even better because its made from stuff I could have thrown away.

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    1. Thanks Steve. I am making some more but I need to buy some extra barrels of all things.

  3. I love bits of scatter terrain like this - it'll add so much to your games.

    1. These also have an in-game function so doubly useful.

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    1. Me, or the Jump off markers?? (¬‿¬)


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