Tuesday 19 May 2020

Encounter at the Mausoleum

Over the weekend the Padawan and I had another go at Frostgrave, hopefully, this time correcting a few rules mistakes from last time. The result was a faster and much more exciting game and a good outcome for both of us...although in the end there could be only one winner. 

The Setup
Two rival warbands have stumbled across what they think is a small chapel. Instead, it's the remains of a Mausoleum of some ancient necromancer that is overflowing both with treasure and the undead. 

We used the Mausoleum scenario from the rulebook but used a ruined chapel as the central building. Six items of treasure were placed within its walls and each turn a skeleton would appear from a random side and attack the nearest adventurer. 

Orders of Battle
Emily opted to stick with her tested and proven Dark Elf Warband. She's won two games with these guys so I can understand her wish to keep to a winning formula. My Human Warband had two infantrymen, a Marksman, three thugs and two war hounds accompanying the Wizard and his Apprentice. 

The Action
The Layout - The Mausoleum is in the centre and filled with treasure. 

I send my Warhounds in to attack two infantrymen. I probably shouldn't have done this but it works and I manage to kille one of the Drow. 

Both sides converge on the Mausoleum, the scent of gold drawing them in! 
One of the recently spawned skeletons from the Mausoleum attacks a drow, thwacking him across the head with a huge animal bone! 

I lose two men to ranged fire. One dies with a crossbow bolt through his chest and the other is taken out by a Bone Dart cast by the Drow Apprentice.  

My dogs attack a single drow hoping to kill him, instead the Padawan rolled high and killed both dogs in short order! 

My wizards start using the Invisibility spell to give their remaining men a tactical advantage...it also stops them being targeted by missiles! 

Undercover of the invisibility spell two of my infantrymen get to attack the Drow Wizard and kill him! 

Then the Dark elves lose a soldier to a lowly skeleton. 

I manage to kill the drow apprentice and the remaining infantry try to flee. I shot one in the back but the last one grabs some treasure and legs it off the table. 

Good grief, at last, I manage to win a game against the Padawan! It felt very close right up to the end when the drow lost both their spell casters. I ended the game with the lion's share of the loot remaining on the table but we both picked up some experience points in this game meaning both our wizards will level up. The Padawan and I now need to sit down and work out how we are going to spend our loot and improve our wizards abilities.


  1. A wins a win Lee. So what have you got to buy the Padawan for letting you win?

    1. I wouldn't normally call winning two games in a row a 'wining streak' but given how bad my record was at the start of the year, I'll take it.


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