Wednesday 27 May 2020

An Enchanters Warband

Bit by bit over the last few weeks I have been painting up a new Warband for Frostgrave. I've been working on these figures one at a time in between other projects and it hasn't taken me long to finish the whole group. Most of these are Northstar plastic barbarian figures, models I picked up from the Bring and Buy at the Cavalier show back in February. The enchanter himself is a metal figure by Northstar and although I'm using an existing model for the apprentice, I do also have an accompanying apprentice figure in metal, but I haven't completed that yet. 

A couple of these have been posted before but the majority are new

I rather like the metal figures from North Star. They are very interesting, full of character and nice little sculpts with very little by way of mould lines or flash that needs to be cleaned before starting. I'm still a bit old-school and would prefer to be painting metal figures but I have to say I really liked the plastic sets from Northstar. The variety and detail of the parts provide almost infinite variety and the resulting figures are vary animated and full of character. The parts in these kits fit together very well and with a patient application of plastic cement or contact fluid the joins are very strong with very few gaps. However, I had a tube of Vallejo Plastic Putty used to fill joints on kit models and I used it for the first time on these figures around the shoulder joints. Once painted, in most cases, you'd be hard pushed to know these are multi-part figures.

I went with a simple colour scheme for this Warband, employing the same dark red and green different amounts of each figure so they look like a team. The next Warband I paint will have a distinctly different colour, again just so that they stand out well on the games table. I've got a lot of figures sitting in the wings that I can choose from; at least another 20 Barbarians already assembled and based and a similar number of generic fighters likewise assembled, based and primed. Having said that I'm probably not going to do any more Frostgrave for a little while (painting that is) as I am moving on to some 15mm WWII stuff...and not for What a Tanker!  I will report more on that next week.


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    1. Thank you. Basic paint jobs but sufficient for this skirmish game. And they won at their last outing, so maybe they are lucky as well!

  2. They look great! I keep hearing about Frostgrave in various places, but have yet to try. It's kind of inherently a campaign system, isn't it?

    1. You can play stand alone games but the rules take on a whole different level of complexity and subtlety when you start to implement the 'campaign' rules.


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