Thursday 28 February 2019

Cavalier 2018 - Show Pictures at last!

Over the weekend I went to the Cavalier Wargames Show in Tonebridge in Kent. This is traditionally the first show of the year for the Rejects and usually marks the end of a long winter without any shows (SELWG is usually our last of the year). For me its been even longer as I missed SELWG last year due to car problems, so by the time Sunday came around I was very eager indeed! Its taken a couple of days to sort out the pictures, mainly because I have been working hard on my latest entries for the Painting Challenge. So here, at last, are my pictures of a great little show. 

Ray & Postie start early, buying some buildings before the show had even official opened

David Lanchester photobombs me taking a picture of his stand

Eagle Figures... I bought a load of MDF bases from them.

Debris of War - Tufts, Static Grass and Hedgerows filled my bag after visiting these guys

Hailsham Wargames Club - Da Vinci Wars - A slight fantastical version of the Italian Wars

Lots of very impressive Pike Blocks

More Pikes!

View from the other end of the table

Crawley Wargames participation game looked excellent. 

T34's and a Tiger duel at extreme close range! 

Friday Night Fight Club with a Zulu War battle

They uised a cut down version of Black Powder to make it easier to run as a Participation game

Deal Wargames Association with 'The Real Guns of Navarone'

Lots of landing craft

The guns in a custom build bit of terrain

The defenders are in strong positions

The Society of Ancients play Zama (again)

Nice models though

Gravesend Gamers Guild present Skirmish at Staplethorpe

Plenty of action taking place


Tonbridge Wargames Club - Boxer rebellion 1900 in 28mm

Boxer rebellion 1900 (28mm)

SEEMS run a Terminator game 

Milton Hundred Wargames Club: For God and King 1380 (28mm)

Milton Hundred Wargames Club: For God and King 1380 (28mm

Beautiful mini's make this lovely to look at

And this decorated interior is to die for! 

Fire When Ready present Star Wars: Legion

Star Wars Legion

The Bring and Buy was very busy all day. 

As was the mine trading hall. 
All in all a great day and I went home with a nice bag of goodies, feeling much better after my prolonged fast!


  1. Who is that handsome chap in red, in the first pic?

  2. Place to be... :-)
    and to spend money!

    1. Certainly was...a long overdue spend up!

  3. Nice to see you again old boy. Glad you enjoyed it.

    1. And you mate. Thanks for the heads up about PBI, I've only managed to flick through it so far but it looks good.

  4. A splendid record Lee, thank you.

    1. Some good games on display, although there didn't seem to be as usual.


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