Wednesday 12 April 2017

RAF Tangmere Military Aviation Museum

Tangmere Military Aviation Museum began in 1981 when a group of enthusiasts decided to keep the memory of the site alive. They expanded, were given a building to use and by 1982 had opened their doors to the public. The museum has continued to grow and develop since then and today it tells the story of the UK's military aviation heritage through thousands of artefacts both large and small. The museum now has over a dozen aircraft and several cockpit reconstructions for visitors to explore. I 'dragged' the family along with me and as usual I went camera in hand. 

Inside one of the exhibition hangers

Hawker Hunter Mk 5

Hunter Mk 3 - WB188 Which broke the World Speed Record in 1953

Supermarine Swift

The Gloster Meteor F4 which broke the world speed record in 1946

A replica Hawker Hurricane Mk 1

Mitchell - Designer of the Spitfire

Typical British Bomber Crew flying kit from WWII

Pigeon Reconnaissance from WWI (I kid you not).  

A Picket Hamilton retractable fort

De Havilland Sea Vixen FAW 2

McDonnell Douglas Phantom FGR 2

Harrier GR3

British Fighter crew flying kit from WWII

Westland Helicopter

The Scramble Bell

If you have an interest in British military aviation then this museum is certainly worth a visit. Its crammed full of very interesting exhibits and everything is well laid out and carefully presented. There were also a lot of volunteers around ready to answer questions and help in any way. All in all an excellent museum. 


  1. There is something very nice about small local museums.

  2. There is something very nice about small local museums.

  3. Well worth a visit if your in the area ,send the Mem Sahib up the road to the retail park then you can go round in peace. She can pick you up afterwards !.

  4. That looks good. Not too far from me either!

  5. Excellent, I'd not heard of some of those jets before??


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