Wednesday 22 July 2015

Army Tents

Another batch of quick and easy 'buildings' from Leven Miniatures, this time simple army ridge tents.

I'd never make it in the Army.... I really hate camping.

There's not much I can say about these really, they were so simple to paint. Base coat of Khaki, with a Quickshade wash over the top. Then I applied a quick highlight using more khaki lightened with Ivory and a little more wash around the bottom (ground) edge of the canvas. Lastly I used German Grey for the dark interior as seen through the tent flap.

OK not exactly a masterpiece of creative painting but it kept me busy for 20 minutes and I'm sure I'll get to use them at some point.


  1. They look good.
    I really enjoy camping. :) But then again I live in possibly the world's best camping location.

  2. Simple yet very effective.


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