Wednesday 31 December 2014

2014 - My Wargaming Year

Every year I (like so many other wargaming Bloggers) write a review of my year and make a load of unlikely predictions for the coming twelve months. Some of my resolutions are either deliberately easy or at the very least hard to define so that by the end of the year I can smugly say I have achieved most of the things on my list. But this year has been an unmitigated mess as far as predictions are concerned and my untimely - and very bitter - exit from my old company only managed to screw up matters even more. 

I have managed to start a new project this year (Desert Raiders) and at the start of the year I hit my target on the 2013/14 Winter Painting Challenge, but since then things have gone downhill fast. Redundancy and job hunting have consumed a lot of my time this year and even after finding a new job I've been so busy settling-in that my hobby time has taken a big hit. The one thing that has kept me going during 2014 has been my continued involvement with Posties Rejects. Having such a nice group of friends to wargame with has kept me from going completely bonkers this year, even in the darkest days of my redundancy. Here's a short look at the games I have played this year.

The Battle of Matigulu - Zulu War - 6mm
Vietnam Test Game - 15mm
Alam El Halfa - FOW WWII North Africa - 6mm 
Battle of Bald Wood - FIW - 28mm Skirmish
Romans Go Home - Ancient - 28mm
Battle of Fort Louis - FIW - 28mm Skirmish

Road to Hue - Vietnam - 15mm
Battle of Beyreuth - Napoleonic - 15mm
Corunna Road - Spanish Civil War - 10mm
Battle of Yellow Field - AWI - 28mm
Battle of Leignitz - SYW - 15mm
Not a bad collection of games ranging across several periods and scales and all played with a great bunch of guys in a very friendly and convivial atmosphere. What more can one ask for? 

Have a great new year folks. Here's looking forward to the battles of 2015. 


  1. Replies
    1. Especially you Sir. I don't care what the others say about you, I think you're a swell chap. ;)

    2. I don't think that is how you spell sMelly!

  2. What a nice array of games. I hope that 2015 makes up for the troubles of 2014


  3. Splendid pictures, a great year!

  4. I too find that this hobby helps me to stay sane in tough times. I'm glad the year is ending on an upswing and hope that 2015 is much more to your liking.

  5. I really did like that desert ww2 game.
    I shall look into another SCW game this year. (Maybe even more than 1 as we don't want it to get "Annual")

  6. Great games and here's to a brighter 2015, all the best Lee.

  7. As I read this thought 'I remember that one, it was my favorite.' then I saw the next photo and thought, oh well you can guess that rest. Super games, super run down. Cheers.

  8. Overall then a good gaming year ...have a great 2015 Lee.

  9. I love the white hand banner for Saruman in the Romans Go Home game.


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