Wednesday 15 October 2014


Following on from yesterdays pictures from SELWG I guess I'd better post a picture of my purchases from the show. After all everyone else has! I didn't spend a lot this year but I was determined to be disciplined in my spending and went with a very detailed list of 'wants'. Unfortunately I was only able to get some of the stuff I needed. 

Everyone has their core set of consumables that they can't work without. For me that means Purity Seal spray varnish. I use this on all my figures as the first of three varnish layers (two layers of Purity Seal for durability and a final layer of Dullcoat to kill the shine). I probably should have picked up two cans because I get through a lot of this. I also bought some Bolt Action coloured primer. I've fallen in love with this stuff over the last year and now I couldn't do without it.

I had several new Vallejo colours on my list - specific to painting WWII Italians in Tropical Uniforms - and I was able to get them all at from Tole Haven.  My one impulse purchase was some 4Ground Damage Tokens from Colonel Bills. These have only just been released apparently. I also bought another pack of Palm Trees from Timecast. I'll be using these for some scenic bases to use in my desert games.

No show would be complete without buying a few books and this year I had a couple of Ospreys in mind. Unfortunately I couldn't find these on the Lanchester Books stand (maybe next time) but I did find a couple of random books from a trader up on the Concourse. Desert Generals and the Airfix magazine Guide Tank and AFV Modelling were just £1 each, so I could hardly not buy them! I also acquired One of the Originals, a book about the founding of the SAS. A special thank you must go out to Clint (of Anything But A One fame) who brought the book to the show for me with my current project in mind. You are a Gentleman and a Scholar sir!

My last acquisition of the day was a Steve Barber Gladiator model. This was my prize for winning the chariot racing participation game run by Crawley Wargames Club. Thanks guys, I had a blast and it was great way to end my day at SELWG.

So I went home with some of my list fulfilled but with none of the aircraft models I needed for the continuation of my Desert Raiders project. So I placed an order with H&R for some Italian Bombers and Fighters and a dozen Lancia Trucks. I also bought some German Motorcyclists just to see what they look like. I want to make up an Italian Motorcycle Platoon but can't find any suitable models, but I may be able to substitute these Germans and just paint them as Italians... hell, at 6mm nobody will know the difference!


  1. I hope you like the book. It's an easy read but I doubt it will give too much NEW information. Nice loot, all the best mate.

  2. Nice haul indeed! I'll look forward to your review of Desert Generals

  3. Good to get a stock of supplies every now and then to help keep the projects ticking along.

    1. I run out of Purity Seal a couple of weeks ago and had to make an 'emergency' trip out to find some. Fortunately Tole Haven's shop is just 15 minutes drive from home so I was able to get some.


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