Friday 25 April 2014

Stocks and Shares

I have one last set of pictures from my recent Dorset Holiday to share and then I promise to shut up about it. These were taken on probably the best day (for weather) we had during the week at Corfe near Swanage. One of our many stops that day was the village of Corfe and its Model Village before walking up the mound to the real castle.

I see a set of Stocks and I just have to pose for a photo (this is for you Fran!). Now throw the key away...
The model Village includes a scale model of Corfe Castle as it would have looked around the time of the English Civil War  before the Parliamentary forces systematically destroyed it to deny its use to the Royalists.
The Model village is a detailed reproduction of the town of Corfe itself, complete with a miniature version of the miniature village....
...and if you look carefully (extreme left of the model about half way up) there is even another Miniature version of the Miniature Village, within the Miniature version of the miniature village.!
Corfe castle as it looks today is a shattered but picturesque ruin. 
The Parliamentarian Sappers did a good job of ensuring the castle could never be used as a defencive structure again. 
I did my best to repair the mess but I was never very good at D.I.Y. 
OK, that's the last pictures from Dorset. I haven't done any painting since the end of the Challenge last month, but that will change over the weekend when I get my brushes out. Unfortunately this probably won't include anything made with Kalinsky Sable because the wife wants me to decorate the bathroom!


  1. Lovely photos. The miniature within a miniature is a great touch.

  2. Not a castle I am familure with so good to see it.

    Nice to know you can go a hand stand then turn the picture round to make it look like you are holding the wall up!

    1. Have you seen the size of me? I can barely stand up, let alone hand stand !! Lol

  3. Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

  4. And you moan about me and Fran getting pics of that bald patch???? tut tut!

  5. Great post. I loved visiting castles when I was in Britain back in 98. Especially ruined ones.

  6. I visited Corfe Castle followed by a visit to the tank Museum back in 2001 - great day out!


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