Tuesday 29 April 2014

8th Army Reinforcements

The painting front has been a bit 'subdued' for a few weeks due to work issues, holidays and 'stuff' but I'm determined to change that this week. I have some big plans for my 6mm North Africa 1942 forces and a lot of models and terrain to paint. The first stage is to get as much based up and ready to work on as I can, then I'll break the project down into manageable chunks and start painting in earnest. So whats on the table.... lots of Crusaders mostly. 

British Reinforcements! 
Currently being prepped are 16 Crusader II's, 6 Churchill's, and six 40mm Bofor's guns with accompanying tractors. These are all from Heroics and Ros. I also have three 6pdr Anti-Tank Gun Portees by GHQ that I bought a while back. These actually came with an etched brass frame for the canvas cover but I somehow managed to break one during construction and eventually I decided to leave them off the models entirely. I don't think they would have survived rough handling on the games table anyway. I also have a dozen Universal Carriers which can be used as reconnaissance but I haven't based them up yet. Also un-based but waiting in the wings are more Sherman's. I have a load of these (painted for the European theatre) that are in a very sorry state and need to be stripped and cleaned ready for repainting in desert colours. I'm not sure yet how many I need but I have plenty in my bits-box so I could easily throw together an entire company of these. 


  1. Oberstumbanfuhre Postie will not be please to see these reinforcements. Although Captain Rousell will no doubt. Great additions Lee.

    1. He'd better watch out for those Churchills...thay may give him something to think about.

    2. Churchill great tank but with an underpowered gun. Ray will think they are awesome until he fires them at a tank. If you Put Lace on them he would like them more.

    3. He probably would at that! lol!

  2. As well as building up some solid tank companies I'm trying to expand the Divisional support units to give some flexibility when putting forces together.

  3. Great bunch of additions for your miniature war.


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